Southern Vermont Dance Festival has ended
Welcome to the Southern Vermont Dance Festival!  Takes place July 14th - July 17th with 100 classes, 3 Gala performances, Informal performances, Dozens of Community Events, Meet and Greets and Receptions and Dinner at Rudyard Kiplings house and much more.  Purchase your tickets on Eventbrite and have access to your own Vermont Dance Adventure.

The Legible Bod(ies)

The Legible Bod(ies) is a collective of artists making dance for stage, film, screen, or anywhere people will sit still long enough to watch them. Harnessing the unique styles of the ensemble, they produce a narrative performance rich in emotion and raw movement. The dancers’ backgrounds in ballet, modern dance, and physical theater allow for myriad combinations of style and technique, creating complexity and artistry. Visual artist Jeffrey Byrnes brings new perspectives, as alternative performance footage mingles with live dance to intensify the themes. The Legible Bod(ies) aim to challenge their audiences both visually and referentially.