Southern Vermont Dance Festival has ended
Welcome to the Southern Vermont Dance Festival!  Takes place July 14th - July 17th with 100 classes, 3 Gala performances, Informal performances, Dozens of Community Events, Meet and Greets and Receptions and Dinner at Rudyard Kiplings house and much more.  Purchase your tickets on Eventbrite and have access to your own Vermont Dance Adventure.

The Crabtree Carabetta Collective

Long term dance collaborators Brian Crabtree and Audra Carabetta have join together to create The Crabtree Carabetta Collective. Combining a rich history of dancing together in duets and ensemble work, both choreographers have a shared interest in careful and thoughtful composition, fluid musicality, and context. Both have distinctive movement sensibilities, and apply their wealth of experience in the studio with a mature and dedicated group of dancers. With musical scores that run the gamut from Chopin to Zoe Keating, the focus for both is the illumination of music with carefully made dance phrases that are sometimes chopped, turned, minimalized, sent in several new directions, and changed during rehearsal through dancer ingenuity. A process that yields dances worthy of a second look. Audra and Brian have been dance partners, choreographers and teachers in the Boston dance community for over 20 years.