Southern Vermont Dance Festival has ended
Welcome to the Southern Vermont Dance Festival!  Takes place July 14th - July 17th with 100 classes, 3 Gala performances, Informal performances, Dozens of Community Events, Meet and Greets and Receptions and Dinner at Rudyard Kiplings house and much more.  Purchase your tickets on Eventbrite and have access to your own Vermont Dance Adventure.

Position First Dance Conditioning

Co-founded by Heather Budinscak and Stephanie Leslie in 2013, Position First is a dance-conditioning organization providing educational seminars on dance conditioning and injury prevention for all styles of dance. We offer interactive workshops for students and professional development for staff. Our mission is to educate students on how to properly use their bodies to maximize efficiency, prevent injury, facilitate kinesthetic awareness, and optimize performance. Our seminars allow dancers to interpret and apply commonly heard classroom corrections and truly understand the biomechanical concepts beyond the steps. This allows them to avoid many pitfalls, which would otherwise lead to injury. Programs can be designed to suit your studio’s specific needs. Position First strives to provide the latest insights into dance kinesiology and injury prevention.